Mythical items png list

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New Updates:

  • Replace with better png.

  • Remove stats,(you can see it in maxed mythical list).

  • More clearly item categories.


How to get any mythical item image -> go to JavaScript Workshop Unlimited (link in my profile), right click on the item you want -> save image.



Thanks for the free ash creator
ofc i already know


Not to be picky or anything but could I get the names for those items?


Put a folder with all the mythical torsos , legs , modules , top weapons , side weapons , crafted items , and special items.Please.


Also, you can find in the OP of the Supermech Sandbox a link to sprite sheet, where you can find myth sprite for items created before a day (I don’t remember which one), and for the last ones…

You have to download them manually

link? pls pls pls pls

oh no, I forgot to update this topic again…
now done…

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Alright, lets go for it

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Done bro.




@Ricemech88 can you make the lists like this?

Example 1
Example 1 (contents 1)
Example 1 (contents 2)

Example 2

Contents of Example 2

Example 3


Kind of confusing when it’s all together.



update this please i need pics

Don’t necro topics! this hasn’t been touched in forever

use for most of the listing. (He is continuing to add new items, features etc so be patient if you don’t see an item there).

You can also check out the sandbox sprite thread for more sprites if you wanna add them to WU.

(stats can be sourced from @Andernut’s Max Mythical’s Topic).


Transcendant, if Shocker Z is only asking for pics of sprites, I think it’s a valid reason to ask it here.

Killin’s Workshop isn’t about pics, at least nowhere as large as here.

And the sandbox… That’s hard to see all the sprites since its spread out in 4.6k posts.

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I would agree if this thread was still being maintained. But it hasn’t been in a very long time. andernuts threads took over that duty respectively. (smurt boi typing here).

The sandbox thread and WU were just options given if he wanted more up to date sprites/collections.

FYI: you can take sprites from the WU just right click any of the items > open in new tab and copy the link image.

It’s not the best, but it’s what’s available that should suit everyone’s needs. Plus one could ask for sprites (not in sandbox but in their own threads, the sprite discord etc).

(oof my apologies, I also made a mistake this is ricemechs thread oof. I thought it was the much older one. I believe my reply should still be good enough. But I apologize for that little mistake).