Mythical HP plates

how many Mythical HP plates you need to have more than 2000 hp ?
Too much HP :slight_smile:

Not 1 is needed for that much HP :exclamation:


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full fused torso + 2 maxed plates

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I want a plate legend to be extremely happy make a day that you have possibility that in the silver box you can give that plate in epic and that in a premium box you have the possibility to obtain it more easily

what is the weight of a mythical plaque of life for the amount of life that will give you to have your sacrifice as it weighs a lot and you have to occupy less weapons

I’ll buy one for 500,000 Coins preferably MAXED

Can you buy life plates? I feel it is very easy, right?

Nope you can only get them from token boxes :v
I opened quite a few boxes their just rare to get.
I have none

ah if they were obtained in game money I had it easy with my amount of money: v

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The only one i have i havent upgraded to myth yet. It is lvl 14 legendary, and my grim reaper torso is 36 myth and i have 1281 hp. If you have an avenger torso, well who knows.

I have 2 and im at 1956hp. Energy type torsos have very low hp

before the nerfing update I had 1946 with Grimreaper and 3 epic modules. After…you know the story

nope, don’t know, to tell us.
I suffering without the myth plate.

My question would be, how to acquire this platinum plates

To acquire them you have 2 possible ways …

  1. invest a lot of money in the game and buy boxes until you get them. (There are cheaters that can get it with much less, but you are an honest player, will not do that …)

  2. With the money that could be invested in the game, you will travel to Israel. Stroll, meet, have fun, take beautiful pics, and visit Tacticsof’s office in person. Then you can buy a roses and chocolates and takes them to Sarah. Sarah will be so flattered that she will give you some of these plates. With me at least, it works.


I would like to create separate acc with cheats for fun and play it in campgain

(hell even with 2 mythic plate i’m not 2000hp now)
Now with energy builds it is about impossible to build one that can compete 1v1 at the top levels without them with physical and heat builds you can have 2000 HP and still be able to compete with epic plate. If I had 2000 health with epic plates I would drain myself to 0 energy each time I fire my weapons and drone. Costs 240 energy to fire them… Could you imagine the people who use heat if they heated up to 240 heat each time they fire their weapons? There would be a 1000 posts about it lol…


i think its the most accurate and lovely way xD
but with my luck probably on the flight, plane just dissapear and u never heard about Izhar again

hahahaha… go by boat, it will take a little longer but it´s safer …

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