Mythical Health and Resistance modules

These items are fast becoming staples in the new update.

They provide a too big an advantage (the health module especially) to whoever’s wielding them. Since they can only be found as legendaries, they’re too hard to come by for most players. My suggestion would be to make these items epic/legendary/mythical to bridge the large gap between these and their ‘Epic Max’ counterparts.

If these items continue to be legendary only items, we’re going to have a repeat scenario of the God Mode, heat control etc. days.


The HP module should have really just been Common-Mythical all the way through.

Having the best Iron Plating (Common-Epic) giving +135 HP and Platinum Plating (Legendary-Mythical) give +315 HP (More than twice the amount !!!) for the SAME weight is ridiculous.


You could argue the same for the legendary/myth-only weapons as well, but the in this case the gap is much more pronounced as there is no way to mitigate or replace the advantages they provide.

i have drawn attention on this matter several times. Flushy is a bit of it’s 145 vs 315 hp, more then twice 170 hp diference between the 2 modules for the same weight.
The protector diference is 16 vs 39 res for same weight 23 res diference.Altho it doesnt really matter since u can only use a protector, while on th platings you can stack up 4… and the diference grows to 680 hp… that is way to much, since he basicly gets another turn.

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Yes, unfortunately I think there are so many issues with the update that things like this are probably being ignored for the time being.

I need those. I mean, that’s providing an unfair advantage to whoever gets those first. This would make me unstoppable with my diamond shell, but I have yet to come across it.

forget the diamond shell…
get yourself some new torsos
mine has 24phy 20heat 24energy resistance and 700 hp
(and around 80 cooling 150 heat and 60 reg and 100 energy ) or smth like that

by the topic and the reply’s it has gotten i can honestly say that this game is more than F****ed

me too

Well it will be my first post in this forum and unfortunatly for “whining” purpose.

Why because i want to up this topic because with the well known unicorn event things got even worse. I was around top 50 last weeks and i found pvp quite fair, you can’t win against everyone :wink: but until this event most of the top players wear a maximum protector and at least two platinium plating.

Or these two items are by themself a game changer because if you don’t have them you’re screwded. How the hell can two items with so much gap in their stats have the same weight? I have nothing about items with better stats, if you chose to use them it’s your right of course and diversity is a necessity to avoid having all the same build but you should have to deal with some counterpart using such better items. So perhaps working on the weight of these items, or at least reduce the stats of the upper version the difference is too big actually.

Thing is that modules should’nt be that different because you’re capped at eight slots, the guy using the op item can put one or two more energy cooling devices whereas you with the bad one have to throw away module to put bunch of iron plating for exemple. Thing are even worse with the max protector, you can’t even compensate your bad luck adding more of them…

Well please try to come with a “suitable” solution about these because pvp is broken by the unbelievable avantage they give.


I’ll buy 2 of those for 400,000 Coins each 600,000 if maxed

I’ll buy one of those for 3 million gold. :slight_smile:

And whatever legendary item that I have and don’t plan to use anytime soon.

Along with all the items you need you need to take that item to Maxed Mythical.