Mythical Claw Legs


In this video, I transform my claw to mythical and show you the stats. I also battle with the claw so you can see it in action!


Gimme THE CLAW Please…


Did you play the portal?


Yes, I Did :slightly_smiling_face:


How many times would you say that you played it and you would of had to have played it in hard or insane to get the legs. I myself couldn’t beat it in insane mode so I kept playing it in hard mode until in got the legs I had to play it probably 30 times before I got the legs.


I feel bad that you didn’t get the legs because now the only way to get them would be out of a premium box and you don’t get very many legendaries out of a mythical box in the first place. The last seven I’ve open I’ve gotten epics. I get more legendaries from fortune boxes than I do from premium boxes. So the chances of you getting the claw now are very slim.