Mythical Clash time!

Yes… good comparison… apples to bees.
Duskmaker actualy works good in a 3v3 match on the last mech, it can pack a nice 260 dmg.
In some rare cases… it is all you need… and alot of luck.


Darn. . .That makes me feel bad for fusing mine away. . . I’ll never do 3v3s anyway, least not anytime soon.

Void is still better in 1v1s, right?


Just finished mine, three days after mything it. SO WORTH IT.

mine is already at lvl 45. Bout two levels a day.

I don’t have much time on due to work and school. So 3 days is pretty damn good for me

niccceeeeeee. Wish I could max a myth in 3 days. The first day always gets me lvl 37. Then, the two lvl a day kicks in unless I have way too many epics, in which case I just fuse em away.