Mythical Clash time!

So you guys told me that clash was better than nemo, and here are the photos.
So this
turned into this

yayyyyyyyyy. time to max this baby out!




i dont care about the hook , drone or torso…


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Eep! You fused a legendary+ item! (not to mention good modules!) Why would you do that?

But otherwise, very nice!

Cool! Clash really helps with damage

Yeah, Clash is actually the only good heat drone.

well, nemo actually helps for power heaters, but its not energy mech resistant i dont think

Time to fuse them into powerkits… hehe

Shouldn’t have wasted that hook though

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you guys chill… the fusing material was a joke. I had wasted legends ready to fuse away. I mean like why would I toss a perfectly good legend to myth? The only one there that I really did fuse was the nemo.

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Np on fusing those items xd, including the L-M electric hook, its actually better to use an physical one in electric mechs

i still preffer nemo xD
im kinda hybrid build so nemo suit better

Nemo is pretty decent for heaters, if I remember correctly it doesn’t need energy either. And I personally just adore the Murmur (also energy-free) which does cooling damage. So that makes 3 good heat drones (in my opinion anyway).

Now if only physical had that many good drones…

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I doubt you’ll get another engine or Windigo anytime soon…
Anyways,good job with the drone!
Hope it’ll be worth the sacrifice

Actualy the phis drones are pretty good, unless you fight energy mechs… then they are all trash.
PS: Excpt Greddy…that is trash no matter what.

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Never seen Hurlbat being used, too. It’s always Void or Dustmaker from my experience.

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I never see anything but Void. It seems the heat/energy damage that hurlbat and dustmaker do are just too small to make a difference, personally - or has anyone actually seen them help? Just wondering.

Idk, but people love void so much cause it does good damage it the shield drain makes it do more and more dmage over time

Dustmaker is used cuz it’s the hardest hitting drone, not for his extra stats.

Ah. Makes sense, I suppose.

based on base stats, yes. However, in theory, a face shocker will be able to do more dmg than a dustmaker if the opponent is drained with at least -30 Resist. Shouldn’t be hard with valiant on the table :stuck_out_tongue: