Mythical Annihilation

So, I was thinking of turning my annihilation to mythical. BUt I was thinking of using these items- Void. NIghtfall. Iron Boots. Naga. Scorching Feet. Is this a good idea?

Use iron boots and zarkares if you have

Well I am a physical mech. I was planning to use zakares instead of Kraken.

Nah, beacause is rares items

Only use them to transform your legend annihilation If you have might never get them again.

Those items are all pretty decent; however, they are epic+, so its not a huge deal if you fuse them away. The only things I’d say to keep at all costs are any and all legendary + items - you’ll definitely never see them again, and you might want them someday.

I actually got Iron Frenzy twice from a fortune box. In a row. I was literally smacking my head against the wall.

That right there is half a physical build.
Please don;t use them as myth food and instead upgrade some other items.

I decided to keep them. I also got Nighteagle earlier, So I decided to keep my build. Also saw you in chat to day :smiley:

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Me too.Kn0Tn0Youtube,eh?
Talk about encounters :)))
But nvm,I’ll try not to go off-topic anymore.