Mythic HP plates

Free hp modules should be made to start at rare and go to legendary at least, if the devs want to keep the money grab make only the legendary to mythic premium but let everyone be able to get up to legendary for free.

  • Either give us Mythic plates or nothing
  • I would be happy with non-premium legendary plates
  • I hate this idea and I posted why in the thread

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Personally I feel all the modules should be more of a mix. With some upgradable from common to mythical while others are just epic to legendary. Obviously the mythical ones would have less chance to drop. Something like this:

Common to Epic: 40%
Rare to Epic: 30%
epic to Epic: 4%

Common to legendary: 12.5%
Rare to Legendary: 8%
Epic to Legendary: 2%

Common to Mythical: 2%
Rare to Mythical: 1%
Epic to Mythical: 0.5%

This means 3.5% of modules got would be up-gradable to Mythical.
22.5% go up to legendary.

It would also mean the chance to start with an epic item would be 6.5%.

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I’d be fine with plates that go from Common-Legendary, but they also need to be slightly lighter, maybe 36 kg each.

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I can agree with that even with the 40 kg plates I usually have a lot of weight left.

Something needs to be done because those plates really divide the community.

I believe all modules should start from epic or rare.


This idea is good, but I think it’s too much effort to implement.

Especially considering who the developers are. :slight_smile:


Also the devs need a carrot on a stick, they have to keep the lights on haha :yum:

Or there should be one premium box for modules only. Like we had before.

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Why so negative ?

Be positive !

The developers of SuperMechs do a great job !

They perfectly hold us back from spending anymore !


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Once this gets some feedback I am going to move it to Ideas & Features. I love being able to move threads now haha.

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Premium vs gratis

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Is it possible to acquire plates from big insane boy mission? I spent 2k collected tokens but got nothing new out of it.

Some people say they have got plat plates items from boss drop, I never have.
I wish the devs would say if it is or not.

Sure, but good luck trying to even get 1 legendary from it.

Then… in that 1 legendary (like 1% chance per box… so… 100 missions) … you need to roll a HP plate out of all possible legendaries. This includes garbage items that don’t go up to Mythical.

Have fun meng.

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I have 50 fuel thats mean only 3 bout battle now.
I have more fun on general chat than rank battle.

That’s fine, the chat is pretty much the only fun thing left in the game now. :slight_smile:

But it’s gotten quieter compared to how it was in the past.


Now game demands more money thats make ppl run away.

2k tokens only junks. How sad.

I spent more on it before the update than I did after it. What irks me is I had only played 9 months before they updated it so all the stuff I spent money on before was crap if I could of waited I would’ve never lost that money haha. I almost did not start playing again after now I kind of wish I didnt.

If game continue with this course than there will be no new lads.