Myth Mechs in Arena


Who / What are all the near or completely 100% Mythical Mechs battling at LVL 12 & 13 in Arena?
Are these just ‘GAME’ mechs to make you fight more battles to Get 5 wins?
If they are real players, how, why are they battling at such low levels with Mechs with well over 2K HP & delivering 250+ damage per blow?


I think it’s because they are smurfs.


Or not having a good second mech lol




ill tell ya…
You see, some high rankers(4-8) get bored in their ranks.
So, what they do is they purposely lower their ranks, and battle with noobs(ranks 10-14)
I do not know why they do it, just that they do, and is very annoying.


Thank you lord! I wanted somehow to find information about it but you said it. Thank you!


need 2 classes, up to Epic & Legendary / Myth.
thanks, i see-douchebaggery at its finest.


It might also be players who notrnally hover around rank 8, but have been inactive, so they got pushed back by the season


Sounds like me .-. Though I am at rank 6 to rank 7


this sounds like every f2p maxed psyh mech


Yep but I thing is strange 2 weeks ago I battled a mech with everything maxed out then he just quit


they do it to maintain low ranks and gain crap ton of wins.


That be the rare encounter of a Smurf, A very common animal that seems to like to pick on the weak, They are commonly called as “Assholes”


more like cowards


seriously that time I was just entered rank 15


More like Rtrds.


Heh… Now I wanna smurf BUT I kill the OTHER SMURFS and If I battle against people that aren’t smurfs I’ll just quit


Don’t please.
We will hate u.


No, I meant it in a good intention, I’ll smurf down just to fight other Smurfs