My worlds are gone


Yesterday I entered one of my worlds I am in and everything was okay
but today I entered my account and found all my worlds I joined are gone
and it says welcome, select a world to join like any new player
The colonies are not deleted though. I confirmed it from one of my friends


Hey AZIZGames4,

Any chance you’ve used an old login? or logged through Facebook?

Make sure not to place in worlds that you already have a colony in as you could get accused of using multiple accounts by the admin.


I did
I was playing like about 3 days


will I get my colony back it’s in earth 2
it hasn’t been deleted
I am sure its the same account I am using and I confirmed it

tell me if there isn’t any solutions


the samething happened to me. i tried to register but i haven’t receive any confirmation on my e-mail now i can’t log in. can anyone help me pls.


“The activation e-mail has been sent to your e-mail address.”

but i haven’t receive anything on my e-mail.


Tag this guy whenever you face any technical issue or any bug.


Could you tell me both your account username (login username) and your in-world name?

I’ll see what could be going on!

Have you tried your spambox?

Could you tell me your username?

You shouldn’t need it to play regardless but…


username: cero030

i tried loggin in but all i see in the screen is a black background saying active_error



problem solved its in my spambox hehe thanks!