My workshop items collection test

Okey, its my own topic to paste there my photos to copy them and paste to workshop, i dont own sprites, so please stop flag them



Your collection seems kinda…empty.

does this kid know PM’s?

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I created it yesterday, just to put there items there are not in workshop so there wont be all items. So please stop commenting like 5 years old, this topic is not important for u, its my own for me so its due to help me, i dont want to argue second time about this same and being rude because u guys put mean comments , i dont see any sensible reason why u comment like that , its not your buisness Yo

I dont know what is “Pm’s” i an kinda new there so stop commenting if my topic is neutral, and dont call me kid if u dont want to argue

msg someone else and then kick them from PM 05%20AM

You don’t actually have to.
You can make a PM with yourself directly :slight_smile:

But meh,it’s in spam anyways.No problem.

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WTFriday was just explaining how to do that

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Am I still tripped?
Nah,mate.I gave a tip like you don’t need to invite anyone only to kick them later.You can just invite yourself directly.

Okay,I’m starting to question reality again.I don’t know how this happened,I thought I was awake by now.
Oh no.No,I can still feel weird yet again.I’m never doing this again in my life.

Well, at least I can assume that’s what he means.

You cant message yourself directly, so you have to create the message with someone else, and then you can remove them and add yourself before sending it.

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What method did you use? I usually have to click on their name to message.

Go to your profile and into the messages tab.

Compose a message and only tag yourself.Pick a random title and then paste whatever you want on your new fully private PM.

‘‘Personal Message’’ at its finest.

both methods accomplish the same thing :man_shrugging:

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Yeah…But you got one directly without someone else knowing.
Imagine having to send hentai.You’d rather use the second option for maximum privacy (I did once).

nnnnnnnoope I never send them a message in the first place

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Or he could private message discobot to test things out without involving anyone.

As an added bonus, discobot can teach him about the forum. :bomb: :dove: :dove:

Whats the matter if i choosed to put it there? Idk if i could copy images from pm. so i made this and said whats the point, its stupid to make a argue there if its not topic to arguing its like i would ask for a pizza at sandbox topic lol , so could u leave me there alone if it doesnt hit u guys? Thank u have a good day