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I think life is embarrassingly long so that when we find ourselves at the end of it we are forced to humility because any sense of success guaranteed by individualism is a great lie of our capital society which seeks nothing more to suck our life force away for profit.


life is just life, you decide wtf you should do


idk mane life is hard as sht,blame rules

I thought life was pretty short

because if we compress the hypothetical billions of years into the span of one year, the entire human race will have only been here for 3 minutes. Within that, you, yourself, only existed for like a short length of the entire human race era which probably gives you only a couple of seconds

and time goes fast because holy crap it’s already November


Got me there.
The time is fast as hell jesus.


First life is not lonng.
more than 70% of our life is work, sleep ad study

Second wtf.

Eventually we all die,so whatever shit we achieved doesn;t matter cuz we lose it all anyway.

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but at least we used to be happy xD

so enjoy ur life boi before you come back to the one point place

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geez that’s kind of dark. I’m personally an optimistic nihilist (Check out Kurzgesagt’s video on it, it’s a truly beautiful viewpoint) Essentially it all boils down to yes you’re a small speck in the universe for a single blip of time, but you still have friends and family, and that’s truly one of the luckiest outcomes you can imagine

IMO Albert Camus puts it best. Life is an absurd experience; it’s a confrontation between human endeavors, personalities, & desires and the cold, uncaring universe. Accept it as that and find meaning within the absurdity.


Truly aware of the pros and cons of life itself, but when it all comes down to it. We don’t seem to be making much of a difference, generations pass by and there will most likely still be wars, drama, and hatred either it be religion, terrorism and racism. I could be on here for hours talking about all the dark stuff and I do agree there is good in this world. But one human being is nothing compared to the vast, staggering universe. And plus if we do get earth sorted out, what’s to say there won’t be other worlds and shit that we would get our self’s into and begin bringing problems throughout this universe? As long as humans exist, we are never truly safe from our self’s

negativity 100
speech 100
true facts 100

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And yet, we exist. What are the odds you made a friend or didn’t die from a terrible infection when you scraped your knee, or even was born in the first place, let alone humanity coming into existence