My team is going to be playing M1


I want you people to tell everyone to be there


I doubt many will care enough tbh


I think few will show up with the sole intention of trolling capo. After all he is so controversial and im sure many have unfinished business with him.


stfu baz the sole purpose of this is so they do care

■■■■ yeah man tell everyone


Everyone knows that Capo will win either way, so nobody gonna show up


Lol kaen, is that why the last time he quit was because he lost an era which could have been an easy win for him?


If you think you’re better than him, fight him on m1


Capo, you’re welcome. I got you a competitor whom thinks he can impact m1


I already have beaten him and I’d rather spend my next two months going out and actually enjoying my time at uni instead of roleplaying my anti-social teenage self, cheers for the offer though.


Many encounters await you, young grass hopper, let the single malt guide you thru your periless journey, and may your fish get wet evry time you take on bra chalanges.Avoid “the grenade challange” that usualy requiers alot of hard drinking, and heavy lifting.
Cheers :100:


Thanks kaen youre awesome


Should I play M1 ?

I would rock it !

I can play 25 hours a day !


Should we @Kaen ?



25 hours a day for how long? I wouldnt mind going to M1 with a bunch of SM players if they are all active


They’re not


I did 2500 wins in one week at SuperMechs (alone), at a time where the average turns were 15 - 20 (incl quits).

So you can (you can, cos I know you are intelligent) easy calculate how much I slept that week.

But … I am joking about playing M1, no clue when it start. But hey, would be a cool idea one week gameplay at BattleDawn with SuperMechs friends … I want @Fluffeh with me, who needs to protect me this 25 hours a day (from Malicewolf, he helped me so much as newbie, killing me twice) :laughing:


people still play BD? I thought the real game moved to the forums.


Thats what i been playing. The forum


Great game … we should make some prices and rewards for it …

1st and most important suggestion …

  • biggest “Forum abuser”

description :
using it as his personal twitter

Nomination 1

Nomination 2

Nomination 3

Appeals are not possilbe (rule of the forum game) !



what the ■■■■ is this amateur talking just plant in m1 and kill someone


Would be to easy for me (and @Kaen and @Fluffeh and @Misfit) :exclamation: