My target of today is


Today… Maxing 1 multi resis…


I would like to see your next maxed item


I need to max this multi resist to improve my energy mech. It’s a rounded mech, but currently has The Claw. If I put a multi resist I can put mobile legs.

  • I take this opportunity to thank @El_Metre for helping me to round my energy build. Although I didn´t do everything he told me, he gave me a good push.




woah have great time doing that. :grinning:


Yea :))))))))
failed :confused:


oh the only thing i can say is that, try again next time or it was not ment to be, so sorry
if you ever want tips don´t search the internet.



Lol… I earn 500k gold without of arena




Lol btw I haven’t used all fuel too XD
Just used some left lol 30k more XD


Today mission:


Really setting the bar high.


Today’s mision:
Cause I am too lazy,


Target for today:
Get another 20 lose streak

this is not a fvcking joke btw


i don’t understand how you did it

3 weeks ago you played against me in rank 9-8 and now you reached rank 3

can you explain to me ??

btw you are f2p or p2w ?


He is f2p


Muhd hoi reached rank 3 already ?


haxer confirmed @Muhd_Boci


He is f2l :slight_smile:


no u