My target of today is


another fookin cooling




I forgot raid XD
So 400k gold farm mission

Ok start
Dat was fast -.-
Well I guess I will open some boxes with raid reward -.-


But gold reward is 100k so I guess 500k gold today XD
Somehow 600k gold already
raid reward is 100k gold so I earned 500k gold today XD


1.Farm and get fortune boxes for youtube video!
2.Save tokens to buy premium boxes for youtube video!
3.Fuse power kits to myth things for youtube video!


another mythfood



6 boxes 6 epics ■■■■ dis game


my target for today is

1 - max the claw
2 - make at least 1 legendary



My target for today is…

  • I put myself the batteries with my energy mech.


My target for today is :

  • upgrade mortal bullet and LPV to lvl 40 legendary

  • earn 400-500k ( i got 100k from raid )


This is just a flex thread isn’t it?


600k gold today so I guess I will make a legendary for fun :b

Only cost 100k gold tho :b


Today’s mision:
-earn 400k gold(350)
-max some kits

Done(but with 500k gold XD)

Done :stuck_out_tongue:
Let’s make 1 legend for fun

: b


You do that 2ab


Tomorrow mission:
-earn 450k gold(800)
-max a rare kit

I earned more than 600k gold :v

Done :v

Umm… I earned so much gold today so… yeah as usual


TOmorrow mission
-earn 400k gold(330)
-earn a gf
-max a kit

600K GOLD…


Secret tomorrow mission
-Flex everything


Good Luck :heavy_heart_exclamation:



-400 k (48)

I am too lazy today…


Mission tomorrow :slight_smile: