My target of today is


I will need this topic to remind me how many gold do I need to farm per day :b
Don’t judge me, dis topic is not useless!!!
My target note is full!!!


My target of today is… Maximize a Bunker and improve my energy mech

Good topic!!!


Ok I finished my gold farm target
Today I planed to earn more 400k gold
But somehow…
600k gold already -.-

So my next target is make 2 legendaries -.-
1st :b

2nd :v

200k gold for 2 legendaries :))))


My target today is to myth and max Annihilation and Night Eagle


I have little gold, so I will have to grind a lot. And as I have somethings out of the game, it will be between task and task …


You know what?
You just gave me a great idea :smiley:

Ok no idea why I made it…


Here’s my tomorrow targets :slight_smile:
Earn more 400k gold(800) :b
And max some kits :v
Good night :b:
Ps. Actually I just go watch some animeeeeeeeeeee:b

OK just wake up let’s start
400k gold start


Can i ask how do you make 400k gold a day? I usually make between 100-200k and desperately need resources


Umm… normal farm???
Mad boi and arena -.-

But really???
You stronger than me -.-


magic ways my friend


So… what’s your today’s target?
btw do you know " bestnoobontheworld"?


My todays target is maxing few rare power kits and getting 30-40 wins
I saw “bestnoobintheworld” few times, didnt talk with though


DO you even farm camp ?
Btw don’t go off topic more :b



Okay, cya


my goal today is to take Ls


how the hell exactly do you farm that gold only per a day , jesus


Why you guys feel surprise of it -,-
400k gold just is lowest -.-
normal is 450k-500k -.-


My target for today:
Get atleast 1 legendary shet


SHow me what legendary you get in end day :smiley:


i agree with you @2ab i’m rank 8 and i get 300-400k per day