My supermechs suggestion


on grenade launchers (for example Grim Cobra) there should be two buttons you can press before firing, either do push or pull, push if the enemy is in any part of it’s range and pull if the enemy isn’t at the back of the range ( the grenade would have to land behind it to pull it towards your mech)


No, that would make them to powerful. If you want range control equip last words and grim cobra. Making two in one would just be unnecessary.


not range control, just the ability to either push back or pull forward if the grenade launcher can push or pull in the first place, that is.


It would make the weapon a bit to op… sometimes I count on that weapon pulling me into an energy mech so I can mercy and nightfall them…


That is range control


How about… everytime you charge, this plays

and the bass drop bit is timed to be when you hit your opponent


and whenever you double overheat your opponent or break their energy,

And this should be the new battle music


Too much cringe.


It must be done…


I agree with some of about that ability as a bit op…but damn if it’s not a decent idea. Nice suggestion