My SM game is not working


I refreshed 3 times, exited off the browser and went back in…Chrome is the browser…so right now I am using Microsoft Edge


There is a post about this somewhere you know


oh…I didn’t know


Another guy had the same problem.
Clear cache and cookies and refresh (not just refresh).
If that doesn’t work,then restart your pc whole.
Though I doubt it as it’s just a visual bug.


I’m using Microsoft edge now, for some reason it’s become faster, than before


You’re lucky dude


Maybe you have windows 10?
Cause idk…that probably made edge faster…


Oh and click sloved at @L4K3.
That is helpfull.


не могу войти в игру. пишет - клиент просрочен, очистите временные кеш файлы или обратитесь к администратору.