My SM calculator app!

Hello everyone! Have you ever made mech with fitting weight and wondered what will be stats when you will max it? I did and there is my first “big” fully working PC app.

You can test it out, but you must know:
It works only on windows (linux coming soon) and it is tested on windows 10
It may be detected as virus or some other shit but it is not. Just simple console application.
If you don’t trust me - don’t download.

It is written BY ME in C++ (I really like it). In total 670 lines of code.
15 likes and I release source code :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me what you think about it.

Download link:
Some screenshots:


Thanks, maybe now somebody will test it out and write something interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

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wrote Trojan :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oddly enough I’d like to point out, I’ve downloaded the application three times. Due to the fact it doesn’t appear anywhere on my drives. Which is weird to me.

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Okay I tested it on second laptop with win 8.1 and… problem is windows defender.
So Microsoft think that every user is super dumb and just delete this file XD
I will fix it. Just need some time. For now only way to launch is disabling defender.

Ah that’s fine, I’ll wait for a fix c:

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(really nice dude, it’s useful)

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Thank you.

For now, I worked almost as long on making it not a virus than on making this app itself. I will try to fix it tomorrow. #MicrosoftRulezzz

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a SM Tool posted by a person with the name " Trojan " … probably has a backdoor :thinking::joy: | If it legit ill give it a try tho.


This is amazing!
I appreciate all the work that you put into this.
It’ll help us.
Great job!

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There will be problem with this windows defender because it is connected with machine code similar to Trojan horse.
I will just leave it as it is for now.

However this is just a beginning of my programming journey so I am very grateful for all your comments <3

If you have any ideas to make helpful apps for us, SM community write them and I will see what I can do.

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Well this is amiaizing…good job fam.

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