My Shield is Running Out


Am I gonna get steamrolled?
I have 60 Infantry, and 6 vehicles. Types are balanced.

Edit: Thanos got Iron-Manned.


Wot? No oil?!??!?!?? Oh Sh**


depends on how strong the people around you are


Only make 1 type of chassis, generally speaking. Also try to make damage in a 5:5-ish ratio to armor, range in a 7:3 ratio to armor.

You’ve enough raw units to play a bit, getting steamrolled is not the end if you save your army and keep gathering resources!


Do you need someone to help you out learning the game? Let me know if so. Feel free to add and message me on Skype @ burningapollo1


I don’t currently have any ranged or damage troops.
Should I move my troops to an outpost?


for now only move them to an outpost if they are in danger. like when you have incoming squads to your base or an nuclear missile.


If I use a spy on somebody, will they know?


If I only have 1 type of chassis, won’t I actually get steamrolled by anti infantry troops?
Is this a good layout?
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Should I send a spy to a person I think is a risk?


if your spy operation is successful they won’t know what hit em. But if it fails , they will know if they have spy protection on their outpost / colony and they won’t know if they have an agent.


btw i suggest you join BDA’s discord server. people are more active on it than on the forums And if your questions are small , you’ll probably get spontaneous answers.


Will they know if I planted a spy but didn’t do any operations?


Only you and your alliance members can see where you have planted your agents. No one else knows about them.