My second mythical from 12 december when i start playing SM

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Congratulations then make about 3 miticas it is easier to make miticas

Now make a new mythical torso because the devs fvcked this one up, it sucks.

these are the best torsos for a physicist

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Some weapons level 50 for physicists are very good and op

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thanks so much for advice

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Congrats, I going to make third too :smiley:

Now I f****d up when understand that fact brutality stronger than windigo :cry:
Now I go and max out another myth torso… sigh.

Really Any torso is good let’s give example to the wendigo and brutality

Brutality 1033 Hit points 64 Regenerations 88 Cooling 217 Energy 290 Heat

Windigo 982 Hit point 72 Regeneration 112 Cooling 217 Energy 301 Heat

The windigo has more powerful statistics but to have high statistics its weight is very high equal the brutality is equal high weight but it has a lot of life 88 of cooling is little but it is easy to increase it its energy is equal to the windigo but that I am of the people that I like to have 3 torsos to choose I will have to improve my brutality to mythic with that I would already have 3 mythical torsos