My review of Blend S (Spoiler Alert)

Blend s takes place in a maid cafe settings. Each maid has a different characteristic which is Sadistic, Tsundere, Loli sister, Older sister (Onee-chan), and idol.

My favorite character is Hideri Kanzaki, he is a cute trap that plays the idol role. Hideri’s dream is to become an idol but his parents are disappointed because of his look. There was an episode where he had to pee and went to the girls bathroom but got caught.

Hinata Kaho, who plays the tsundere role, is very good looking. She is popular in the cafe and loves playing video games. I-It’s not like that I care about you or anything, baka!!! >///<

Miu Amano plays an older sister role, she sits on the table and feeds the customers in a lewd way. She loves writing and playing with Hideri (They are like best friends in the show)

Mafuyu Hoshikawa is the loli sister, despite her looks, she is actually 21. She is currently in college and very popular in the cafe, even someone asked her out. Mafuyu likes to mess with Hinata by spanking her butt everytime she does something silly. Mafuyu is very serious when it comes to studying.

Maika Sakuranomiya plays the sadistic role, she always try to smile to the customers but ends up scaring them by her scary eyes. The manager Dino has a crush on her but she still doesn’t know.

Dino and Akizuki
They are the male workers in the maid Cafe. Dino likes Maika and Akizuki likes Hinata. Sometimes they get misunderstood by Miu for being too close when they are straight. Akizuki’s hair is nice which I like him (No homo)

Overall I rate this anime a 9/10 it has all my fetishes in it such as trap, tsundere, and loli sister. Would be 10/10 if it has more lewd scenes. The anime is very good and I enjoyed it a lot. Hideri is the hottest trap I’ve ever seen to be honest.


That kind of stuff’s called ecchi.

Brilliant Review. I rate this 10 strawberry parfaits out of 10.




No homo = YES HOMO~ :heart:


I hope your mech gets insured


Homo for days. It’s like an ass-thumping humping party for three.


Haw many shows have you watched?


SAO: Ordinal Scale
Fate SN
Fate UBW
Fate Zero (Currently watching)
Fate Apocrypha (Waiting for the last episode)
Fate Grand Order: First Order
Eromanga Sensei
Chuunibyou 2
This art club has a problem
Myriad colors phantom world
Blend S
Classroom of the elite
Koe no Katachi
Kimi no na wa
Koi to uso
Kobayashi’s maid dragon
hajimete no gal
New game
New game 2
Boku no hero academia
Re: Zero
Imouto sae Ireba Ii
Nekopara OVA
Cardcaptor Sakura
Cardcaptor Sakura movie (the one where they got the last card called “The Hope”)
There are more but I can’t think of

Some I’ll try to watch in the future:
Love live
Love live 2
Dragon Balls
Fate SN Heaven’s Feel
Boku no hero 2

Wow, i personally recommend you watch Jojo’s bizarre adventure


I see boku no hero but not boku no pico. Im disappoint