My Q&A ~ Lake <3

Am I…

Not really,just hot and cold by nature…Like every day of the month,every hour of the day and so on.

No,I don’t really think so.I don’t know.No.Or…I think…Not.

An idiot?
Yes.I mean…ugh…No.Shit.

A satanist rocker?
No,first of all,I’m not a rocker.I’m a metallist,get that into your brain already,you metalhead.
And even though I may act that way,I’m actually a christian.Because if Satan exists,so does God.

Someone with huge plans and beliefs fueled by an actual seemingly-infinite source of motivation to do everything I do?
Not at all.Like,I just live because I’m not dead yet.May everything come and go as it may,I’ll find something eventually…Or so I believe to this day.
Even so,I give my fullest into everything I do,no exception or matter how insignificant.I’m a die-hard at life in general;everything is worth doing.

So lively at all times?
Yes,that’s a definitive right there.Always too filled with life,even when I seem depressed.That just means that I’m more alive on the inside yet I keep it for the time being.
The truth is,I’m never depressed but I always am.You see,I just tend to feel things at a way higher magnitude than they really should be taken as…And in both directions.And sometimes,not at all.
Talk about being hot-and-cold and undecided!
Naked truth is…I’m just borderline overly-spiritual at any given moment.

Ever serious?
Yes,but in my completely-not-serious way.I may look serious,but I’m just being stupid while making it look finer.And this is a double-edged sword,as well.Any time I am indeed serious,I just make myself look like an idiot.

Ever satisfied?
Hell yes,even if,once again,I don’t show it.I love everything I have,do and am.Don’t let the pessimistic appearance fool you,it’s just my own way of bringing my optimism running up to 110% on the inside.
And the most satisfaction definitely comes from the small things in life,sometimes not noticeable by anyone,in my case.

What do you…

Desire most from this life?
Every single thing and yet nothing at all.I just want to be happy,so every other thing that would normally be on the list gets me there,one way or another.And still,you don’t really need anything to be happy.
Yes,that’s my final answer.

No,seriously,what do you truly want the most?
This is a hard-capped approximation because my end-goal is truly to just be happy,regardless of the source.But if something could be more significant than something else,I’m guessing a partner.But not any partner;one that I could share my life with,all good and bad,all that I do and all that I am.Pretty much a guaranteed chance of investment into somebody…And also one I’d have at all times,like,forever.
But meh,I guess I’ll get the next best thing for now,whatever.

Treasure most?
I think loyalty and honesty.I also give many extra points for straightforwardness,a derivate of honesty.
That and knowledge,among experience of all sorts.

Despise most?
The exact opposite of that.I’m easy to guess if it’s about this.That and being powerless.Maybe because I’m mentally hyper-active and always have to do something,so the lack of options to do anything in any possible scenario is a cervical torture for me.But moving on,most of these option-breaking limits I kinda apply to myself without realizing sooner,so never mind that.Some may call it anxiety,but I’m way beyond that point.

Please continue this thread.Only serious questions or half-serious.Any stupid shit I’ll find will get flagged on the spot and no,I don’t care.Be funny or bland,just don’t be stupid or ask rubbish questions.


How did you originally discover supermechs, and why did you stay?


do u even have powerfull pc


Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?
Or does it depend on the situation?


I found it randomly on the App Store one day and then kinda seemed like a good time watser,nothing serious.
Then I searched YouTube for it and guess what…Nothing in any video matched the description of the game on the app store :laughing:

So I gave it a try.It was a pretty satisfying experience,so I kept at it for time.Then the massive nerfs came and the feeling wasn’t the same.The day I spent money in here,it all went down to the rank of a chore.
Now I do it when I have nothing else to do,but what’s keeping me here are people like you and a YouTube channel that just got its 1000 subs because of this game,along with my first ever successful attempt at filming something and posting it elsewhere.
That and many memories with the community.So no,not the game itself,but rather the players are keeping me here.The channel,I could redirect it at any given moment,now that’s a part of the YouTube program and monetized.


I actually have a pretty average PC unit but it does the job as it’s supposed too.Not slow,but seriously not fast,either.Although I’m planning to double its RAM power once I get the money (like 35$,not much,but I need to actually save it and stop buying other things I thought I needed at the time to do it).


This is such a good question,so I’ll try to formulate a good enough answer.

Back in the day,I used to be such an introvert because of my (now overcame) anxiety (and depression,no shame in it,it’s a natural thing that can occur into anyone’s life;definitely not a joking matter) majoritary,but I’ve always (and still have) a deep introverted part of me,because that’s what I am by birth.I tend to think a lot and keep it to myself,sometimes way more than necessary (that’s the cause of anxiety and everyone experiences it at some point,but is also overcame with time) and try to empathize with other as much as I can,because I can’t but also think about others when I do stuff.I didn’t like many things done and said to me so I prefer to think twice about doing the same to someone else,even by accident,because I know a lot of things are subjective and interpreted differently (like I’m one to talk,hah).Even though,that’s exactly why I try to empathize.To do the exact opposite,in certain situations after I’ve experienced it beforehand.

Even with all that said,it now depends on the situation,mostly,as some parts ever change.Instead,I am taking it differently;by that I mean not being introverted because of anxiety,but rather for taking a step back and thinking cooler,clearer.

I was trying to forcefully open myself up at first,but that started to happen by itself once I gained a bit more confidence in myself as a whole.Actually,if I think better,I am certain I opened myself up more after I started knowing myself better and better.And then loving and accepting myself as I am,thus becoming a solid,honest and open book.That’s the secret:getting to be yourself as you are.That opens up many paths.


Buy a new one instead of seting up if you’re planing to buy a ram.

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What, in your opinion, is the purpose, or reason for our continued existence, despite how incredibly bad we are at socializing?


A new PC that would run just as good as mine would run with 4 extra RAM for 35$ would cost me at least 700$!

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Our sole reason for living is that we haven’t died yet.

Literally,on the bigger picture,we are useless to the space.Even worse than useless,we are destroying a planet.


can i get into BTB on an account i have in storage that i dont talk about until now if something like all my accounts getting stolen happens

Uhm,like…You just wanna store it in?

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alright illl get on it in a bit

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I AM now on well im on friends account i gotta remember the password so ill get on it later


Just don’t steal anything.

Or I’ll declare war on your friend.


what do you mean
by steal

Aah,people can’t take retarded jokes.
Sorry,I forgot :slight_smile:

aah get in chat so i can talk to u

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@L4K3 what is BTB’s rank requirement?