My proposal for future item portals

Ever run an item portal, on hard or insane, maybe even drop 10 tokens on reviving your mech, only to finish the portal by getting no box, or two rares?
My proposal is that we change this- to make item portals less frustrating to farm for all of us.

My proposal-
Leave normal mode as it is

For hard mode- Completely eliminate the chance of not getting a box for finishing a run- and lower the chance of a rare only box. Slightly increase epic chance, and keep legendary chance the same

For Insane mode- Completely eliminate the chance of getting no box.
Completely eliminate the chance of getting a rare only box- every single box will have at least 1 epic. Leave legendary chance the same. (Tactisoft has to get their money somewhere!)

Remember before voting- don’t get too greedy with any other proposals you make! If it is too good, it has no chance of getting added.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Somethings I would like to change

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Attention to any people on the tactisoft developer team (if you even read this-) If you ever plan on adding this or something similar- please message the community on this in news and updates for transparency, and so we know how the drops on portals have changed.

yay i might get the claw if this is done

I think your proposal is a bit too greedy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d say for Hard Mode - reduce chance of not getting a box IN HALF

I’d say for Insane Mode - completely eliminate chance of getting no box

I would not mess with chances of Epics, Rares and Legends from each box. This is the most likely to be acceptable to TS


Just wondering- who voted no and why? Would like to hear opinions

Is it too late to make it a public poll?

I voted for somethings I would like to change

It is too late- any edits will reset all the votes