My project with Super Mechs at Scratch

It is interesting to note that I did everything myself
Here is the link:

If that is a future beta version 1.1.0 which will be released soon


Its so wacky and simplistic. I love it.


ok thank you so much

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he used scratch xD. if your going to make alot of these I’d suggest to use actual coding its way less complicated imo

If you give the child a scratch, he will make shit.
If you give a scratch to an intelligent person, he will make a super game.
For example, there are such projects that even a great gamer will not do it!

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Hmmm… Looks great! However, I’d like a version in English if possible…

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wish will be fulfilled

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Thank you so much! Likes for you for days! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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I use scratch, and that is amazing!!!

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i use scratch too

also i cant be the only one whos absolutely in love with the battle mechs soundtrack

If you haven’t played flying space on scratch you never had a childhood

please use actual coding its hard for me to look at how much more difficult it is to code in scratch

#C or C++, or Python, You decide his fate lol

Wow man this is awesome! don’t listen to ppl like @WTFriday lol but im sure u already know that. Im gonna check it out right now. Super excited!! :slight_smile:

Nice work! :+1: :+1:

Super Mechs Reloaded 2.0? :star_struck:


Something that we will never see :frowning:

Hold, sign up!

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