My personal opinion on the 3v3 week

Pretty much all 3v3 battles down in the rank below 4 goes like this :
1.Game start
2.Both side start drone out
3.Either side reallize these following :

  • One have full heat counter meet full energy counter -> either side switch mech
  • After mech switch , energy counter meet heat counter -> second mech switch
  • last time , both side have double physical counter -> third mech switch

4.Fight begins for real
5.After first mech down , its another counter meet counter fight
6.Either side rage quit
7.Rinse and repeat until you ran out of dedication for the daily 5 battles

I highly recommend to just remove the mech switch choice entirely to force people into building proper builds instead of these tedious counter/switch fights that all its about is switching


would love to make a proper build if this game give me the items to make 1


or just use emp/heat bomb for those types of matches

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And in the ranks above 4 it went like this:


or so the less-than-10 battles I did that week were…


My experience at lower levels is similar.

It’s pretty difficult to counter heat, energy and physical with one mech when others are lopsided in their orientation. So most of my matches go -> try to match up my high energy/regen mech vs their energy. If successful, usually win, if not, auto-loss.

Find it funny , whats the point of new weapons while people will just slap the same type o meta weapon on it and click click boom boom themselves to victory

when new weapon is introduced

droprate increase and portals plays an important role

since it gives us chance of getting legends

What a joke you have made

it’s only a chance ok?

is that funny?

1000 tokens spent on the last frantic lightning portal , i got a legendary repulsion from it and thats it , the chance of getting a leggy is so small that it makes itself an even bigger than joke than Swoop , a heat drone that consume energy


my situation is worse than you

spent 7 refils and got nothing but 1 myth food (savagery) and a ton of epics

so yea

legend droprate is decreasing as sm progress with updates

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1 refill = 30 tokens
7 refills = 210 tokens
1000 tokens = 33 refills
how is yours any worse than me

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you are a hard token grinder than me anyways

I liked 3v3.
Thank you for your atention.

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I agree that would solve alot of problems and more fair builds would emerge.
remove switching mechs entirely and 1v1 2v2 3v3 is automatically started without choosing.