My pal just got banned three times


I’m so sad.


Ah,come on!
This is sad…
Did he swear or what?


You can see the reason.

I think it’s because he said it.
Rest in life potato bear.


Mods have been strict lately


I miss the good old days when you could drop a c bomb and it wasn’t even censored.


Have you ever been banned?

Cause my body is telling me that you did.


I think I was once but I can’t remember why.

I can no longer view the hidden section of the forum for nerds only like I used to because it killed my trust rating.

I was banned multiple times on the old forum as well. Once for posting an image of 9-11. No comment attached, just a deadass photo image of 9-11 pulled from google images. I contest that ban to this day.

The person to have the most bans ever is still @Excel she got 16 I think on the old forum.


My body was right then.
I was about 2 times for accedently making racist jokes.

Goddamint,worst shouldn’t deserve that.


No surprise there.


My pal got banned 6 times lol


Carter holds the record, with 19


jesse has the most legitimate bans then


a e s t h e t i c b a n


I was only banned once, in-game, for 24 hours


Why,and how?


I’ll leave you to figure that one out ;)))


You sweared?