My old idea (recycled)

As you all know, i once posted an idea for a new type of weapons (and it sucked)
I know many of you dont want a new element added to the game, that is why i am posting this only as an IDEA.
(please dont judge me)

My old topic had a lot of flaws so i am starting a new( and better) idea

How it would work:

The new element would do as much damage as a normal energy/heat weapon (or lower) but it won’t do add heat nor drain energy.
The cost of the weapon could be energy,heat or both.

The weapon, instead of shutting down mechs or draining energy, it would cease (make them not usable) certain parts of the enemy mech (weapons or legs)

A regular weapon, if mythical and maxed, would have a 20% chance of ceasing a random part of the mech.
(i am not sure if the percentage is unfair or fair, please give your opinion on the comments)

The bigger the damage, the lower percentage of ceasing a part of the opponent mech and vice versa.

As for the torso, if you equip the weapon on a torso of a different element, the percentage will stay the same, but if you equip a torso of the same element, its percentage would be increased by 5% or 10% (not sure)

The legs would have a chance of 15% (if maxed mythical) of ceasing a part at random of the opponent mech.

The resistance modules for the element could lower the percentage of the weapon
(but dont know how it would work)

Now, for the most important part of this topic, what color would it be?

  • Green
  • Purple

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I repeat again, i know some people dont want a new element, i am doing this just to see if you like the idea or not

What do you think?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I have a different idea (say it on the comments)

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i remade it because my last idea sucked,(and i took the idea from battle mechs)

Hope its not confusing!
( i made some grammar errors, i think)

  1. Good idea

  2. They might add it

  3. You will get gold if you recycele it depends on tiers

  4. Recycle legends and you will get 50 tokens

i didn t mean recycling legends…
only if its your idea…

Yep than recycle your old myths that’s the best

battlemechs system you say?

Now I am going to sleep bye now its 3:30


I like this idea! When I saw stuff about a new element I thought it would be self-healing weapons or something, but I really like this idea, nice job! Also, a name for one of the weapons: Deadlock

Hmm… Purple is Plasma and green is Poison possibly .-.

Very, very nice idea! If it gets enough positive votes I could pm sarah about it if you like.

i forgot the part about the drones and turns so here it is:

The average drone of this element would have a 10/15% chace of ceasing a random part of the enemy mech.
The max quantity of weapons and leg that could be ceased would be around 2 or 3

my idea had little attention, so i ressurected it, lol