My oil desapear

Please some admin help me, my oil is gone when the server get down( in the schedule like usually)

I have around of 16k of oil, and when the server work again my oil was around of 300, but i was some ships launch whit delay when i back i have around of 5000. But i must have 16 k totally.

Anyone used spy atack, i checked, also spy not quit all oil

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Alexander will need to look into this unless it happened on G3.

this is the message i send to admin Theo on e3

about my oil again look this this tick i have

17277, we need calculate
(±) means aprox
2 boost oil = 12000+ 3600(±)( when i turn back my trops whit delay , +163(±) oil x36 ticks those that have happened so far= 5868, if we add, 12000+3600+5868= 21468

but i spend some oil

23 ship N:20414 E:7264 to N:20534 E:8510 = 1260 oil

23 ship N:20534 E:8510 to N:20414 E:7264 = 690 oil

11 ship N:20535 E:6927 to N:20522 E:6708 =
330 oil

i build 10infantery range=1360 oil
i build 10 infantery damage = 680 oil
oil spend = 1260+690+330+1360+680= 4320

THEN (total of my oil)21468-

this probes that i start whit 0 oil after BD get down
which is something impossible, no spy takes all the oil, and I do not spend it on anything, because I was putting it together
please , get me back tokens from 2 boost oil, because i boost a cause of your bug, then is BD fault , not me , thanks admin

i send this messague some late because my pc the battery is finished, but whit this i prove my resources at that tick, , and that my oil resource started from 0

the numbers not exact because i send a couple of ships to conquer a colony and one op

I believe this already got dealt with by Tom.

That said, this system hasn’t changed in approximately 7 years and I’ve never heard of a bug like this. Chances are something else unexpected happened (e.g. some action that WOULD take all the oil, but wasn’t meant to complete or whatever).

There’s no code in the system that would set the oil to 0, it’s fully server sided and there’s simply no use case on the server end for ever resetting the oil for a player (no situation where such code would be called, thus it simply does not exist).

Only reason I can think of is the trimming of resources (cutoff above max), but this happens when leaving a team. I can imagine that, failing to load settings, it would default to 0 (technically sensible) but that hasn’t occurred here.

As such there was probably something else at play as well…

To be safe, please change your password to ensure nobody else is playing tricks with your account.

Going to have to shelve this report for now as it’s not reproducible and such a thing hasn’t happened before. But we’ll make good use of it if it gets to that.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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