My new mythical

Oh hi everyone good only have to press a little finger so that my weapon is mythic but still nobody knows what will be the fuel to transform it

oh look is very good without any module that could make someone cry and if it changes I do not like to eliminate a drone oh I have an idea!So this is better not believe friends I think my finger is very close to the mouse I think I’m going to move a …I think I squeezed badly I wonder what went the drones or the heat generator with chiller I think nobody will know that it was :smile:how beautiful he managedfirst victory with my new weapon


wowww…!! you sacrificed a Void !!!

I have a void in my pansa hahahaha !! :smile:

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Nice,Can overheat anyone that can only face Physical And Elecbuilds cause of low cooling

You literally sacreficed one of the rarest modules right into the trash can for a side weapon

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is that a rare module?

Really they will never know what to sacrifice if the module or the nemo drone :smile:

Congratulation… but why do you need to make a topic about your new myth? You can send a picture or a message to your friends but I don’t think its worth making a General Discussion topic about it.

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I have friends who are more connected in the forum and also gives a little life to the forum by putting things like these xD

A really rare and useful module that starts at epic and can be evolved to mythicals , yes