My new maxed weapons

I wasn’t able to max them to myth but I maxed them to legendary and I’m happy 76cb38f9c70f0764d8cef08b9c88b9963ee1eeec_1_690x3880b8e18967ae698a09bb26661d1923096c77ff20c_1_690x388cf7f9d5660407e7efe87bb9bb3f0f2c75c3792cc_1_690x388334c4c203f562c38adb931e0b4dda4022a72248f_1_690x388



Where did you got so many Zarkares torsos???

From Campaign and randomboxes I guess… I already fused like 4-5 of them …also o
I had some from the event on the torso

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I almost maxed out my Chimera too

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Very well done, chimera is a really powerful torso

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alas the poor swoop, sparked, ash, nightfall, bulldog, annihalation, avenger, void, night eagle, mythical modules, and iron boots. Which would have been helpful with Zark

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However, I don’t see Chimera being used, even in lower ranks.