My modules are gone!


i say than i will never make a topic again, but this time is necesary:

i was spending Sm on normal modules chest, then one myth come and puff the screen get frozen.

(screen taken from video, not directly on game).

ok its just a crash, lets refresh…

i cleared the cache and still have no acces to modules list. for more clues of this i can get a video…


i tryed to login on my mobile, and works… modules are back…
with this:

probably that myth caused the crash…
on browser still bugged… i cleared the cache 3 times…

i added that ultramodule to my trucky, with another heat module and one combined tarjet… i logged on browser but…

and when i change of mech this happen:

screen modules went mixed and that ultra cooling is not there…
this probably will be the answer:

for me, thatt item dont exist on shop; so probably on the version of my browser is the same, item is not added.

i play with this:

Internet Explorer 11 (faster no adbloker no extentions) directly on
the swf version is this one: “bmmLoader.swf?version=9.3D” (taked from the code).


The new module is cursed.

Congrats on getting the new Cursed item. lol.

I hope it gets fixed on your browser. At least it works on mobile… .-.


I just got the Ultra Cooling Module… Am I cursed too?? 0_0

Well, my modules are still ok.


Clear your cacho from the start…


aparently is my browser, i tryed to play on chrome and has no bug… maybe re-install… or load another swf version… i think than im loading one before the update of ultracooling…


i did it, 5 times!!! still no change on internet explorer… sniff

i moved the ultra to one corner and i can keep playing… the others modules are back but still mixing the mechs when i change the screen… :sleepy:


Open new tab, clean cache, open task manager and close all chrome.exe processes

also clean explorer, but don’t close the processes or you will regret… (chrome and explorer shares files.)


on chrome works, on mobile works… on Internet Explorer 11 dont!

so, probably is the browser (internet explorer 11) i will reinstall it, delet all temps and see if works, if not… sesh play on chrome… slow and unhappy…

but ok, lets do what you say…




Don’t heckin uninstall explorer


can i live with this… he is where i want it, on my truky…

but i play with that bug until get fixed, or get ignored and change the version of main game… dont know…
(i still waiting for the log out fix but never comes).


I’m having a similar issue with that new module.
I can play fine I just can’t enter my modules window or I get hit with the mini window pop "Please Wait…"
then have to refresh the page to get back into my game.

I used another computer that was using Chedot instead of Chrome and it works fine showing that NEW Cooler module. Chedot uses an older Flash which is probably why for whatever reason.

Yes I went through the BS of deleting all site info, cookies etc but that doesn’t fix it.

Hope they fix the bug soon.


Enought, time to summon @Sarah247


Sending it over to our dev team.
I will update when I can.


WOOHOO Thank You Sarah247
I just checked my modules tab access and it is working again as of July 23 10pm

Now I can use regular Chrome and not that dam Chedot browser which doesn’t allow me to center the flash game page without shrinking it so small it’s hard to see.