My mechs on campaign play badly

Someday I will understand why my mechs in automatic mode play so badly!

They waste many resources. They make moves that I would never do …

This is supposed to be programmed with tactics of the best players (?). They should move much better. They are fast, but bad in general.


My mech in automatic mode does everything perfectly

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Mine don´t … use the teleport when it should use legs … when they move with Rolling, move away as much as they can, when it would be more effective to get away only 3 places … they waste 1 shot of Magma, when opponent has less than 100 HP and it would be more useful to cool and shot only with drone … play badly.

In general, it waste resources.

Someone made a topic about this.


There is a very silly move that they make me, which is to go to the other side with teleport (which is not necessary by itself) … then, instead of attacking with Desolation, they approach to the opponent with Rolling and only attack with drone.

I completely agree with this. The worst move that my mech often repeats is that almost every single battle it will teleport 2 spaces to the opposite side of the opposing mech (my mech is now on the right) and then uses grappling hook. I’ve become so upset by this that I’ve stopped using the auto-battle function.

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My favorite; build: claw, mercy and spartans:
Range 1 position: mercy + hook or charge. The thing wouldnt stomp…


My Auto used melee wep. for the first time omg I am so proud…

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If ur mech makes bad choices and such then change ur mech if it does teleport insted of rolling beast then remove the teleport simple if u need the teleport then deal with it. The ai is suppose to make it easier to grind many stages it is basic not “pro”


The auto is not meant to be a “pro”. It takes your items and uses them based on the current situation. If you can’t attack, your mech will stomp; if you need more range, you’ll probably teleport; if you need to get closer, probably a charge or hook will be used. Auto is supposed to farm given your mech is strong enough to survive in any situation. If there’s a special condition that has to be met in order for you to win, your liklihood of winning will be decreased. The bot just wants to do damage, not strategize per say.


I will tell you how it works… it’s not programmed with the tactics of best players…

It’s programmed exactly like the opponent’s campaign AI.

This is what it does, from start to finish:

  1. If drone is present but not activated, ALWAYS activates drone.
  2. If shield is present but not activated, ALWAYS activates shield, unless it’s an energy shield and you have 0 energy.
  3. If there’s a weapon that can be fired at the current range, fires weapon regardless of damage. If 2 or more weapons exist, pick a random weapon to fire. (Possibly prioritizes side weapons over top weapons? Not confirmed.) … Yes, this means it will fire that Repulsor that you have equipped too.
  4. If there’s no weapon that can be fired at that range, randomly activates a utility item (Hook, Charge, Teleport). Teleport seems to be the least likely, and it will teleport to a random (?) range that one of your weapons cover.
  5. If no utility items are available, and there’s no weapon that can fire at that range, moves the maximum range forward that will put the opponent at a weapon’s range. If there’s no weapon that can fire when it moves forwards, moves backwards to put the opponent at a weapon’s range. (e.g. 2 Desolations on mech and no other weapons, mech at range 3.)

You can manipulate it so that the AI autoplays your mech to the best of its ability, but you should always rely on manual control if it’s a difficult mission (e.g. item portal insane mission).


Then don’t use 1 Use weapons on campaign (If it’s the 2v2 campaign, if 1v1 campaign let them be), my mechs has 7 total weps that has uses, most of them have 3 uses, the AI can freely use them against mechs with uses to spare, so use “No uses” or “3 use” weapons.

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In general I take manual control on insane missions.

But I find it funny how bad the system plays …

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Me too, but I let my AI go nuts in insane missions in only up to The Lost Valley in 1v1 campaign.


Simple solution for your problem:
Replace your Mercy for campaign with the new War Hammer.

Now if you are at range 1 the AI will use War Hammer and push the opponent to range 4.
Upon that it will use a Spartan.

Btw. maybe equipping a SeraphBlade to cover range 2 with that new setup would also be good.
Then if the opponent is in range 2 the AI would use SeraphBlade + War Hammer followed by dual Spartan in the next round.


No, They’re supposed to ■■■■ up at any given moment

Dont worry, it is stupid but not a problem to complete missions.


i made it…

Flux is right. You can influence the behaviour of your mech in Auto pilot by adding/removing certain items. My combination for insane portals is that I get rid of anything related to distance (hook, charge, tele), and most often get rid of the drone as well. I base my mech on the largest HP possible plus the most universal weapons in terms of the range. Most often it is the 2 x bunker, Vailant and Hys. No more weight for additional weapons. And it usually suffices. And in the Autopilot it works great.