My mechs moduals so far

these are my mechs moduals so far what shall i change (i will upgrade the plates)


energy mechs still beat me most of the time im am rank 12 so far

Yeah i think you have to just upgrade…plates

Upgrade the energy engines then

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i dont have gold and stuff rn i spent it making one plate epic and some of the englines lege

Farm them then ¯_(ツ)_/¯

lol rn im about to sleep in a few days depending if im busy ill be able to upgrade some more

but when im done upgrading will i have enough heat to be a mass heater?

how much time it took you to get modules ?

I made 2 energy engines one plate a heat engine and the mass booster in 2-3days

you should probably get rid of a CL for a savagery instead of desolation (if you want to be completely mass heater) and use terror cry to push enemies towards range 3 for your CL and savagery, trust me CL+savagery combo is better than CL x2 combo
and your hp (also i’d recomend to change the legs for the scorching feet and add a teleporter module if you have weight left

Please don’t make more topics… You have made quite a few and I think it’s time someone showed you that there is a thread for this:

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I have the same apart I have a cooling booster instead of a Engine module… I guess Max out the Plates or myth the heat Engine?

cool a mech i can copy heat hehehe

upgrade dem a lot.
Helps meh a ton.
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Not to mention our modules are near to same.
I have a booster for a lats of reasons…
maybe cuz we same torso?
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(I mean this to @besto21 )