My mech before reloaded was the best

I do not have all of the items i used but i have most of them

This was your best mech? Those side weapons were the worst mythical weapons like… ever. And the yoshimo legs were the most useless mythical legs.

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Wow! You must had to be a Top player! I love you, when we can date? How old are you?


Are you secretely dewah77? :thinking:

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i am 14 years old
what about you

Im 14 too! Where do you live?

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where do you live.Are you a girl?

Hahahhaa stop trolling this little bud

She is not trolling me i know that she/he is not 14

I live on Spain, you?

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i live nowhere close bye

Aww but we can do cam things

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sure whatever i dont think you are telling me the truth about your age and gender bye

That escalated quickly


bye this is stupid i was never going to do anything anyway

You had valiant sniper in the legacy version?

No that is one of the new weapons that i had and i do not have all of the weapons i had on it before reloaded.

I had one of the old versions of ash creator on this mech also but i do not have it anymore

Nice mech dude, you are lucky to get so many uslss myths