My Main Mech´s Setup

okay so im someone that plays Supermechs almost since it was released (just a few months later) which used to be always at TOP1 before update, i started upgrading my mech recently and all taht and i would like to ask if my stup looks good,im a f2p player btw

it s a nice setup,but what about replacing those legs with iron bots? (iron boots can go to mythical and will give you even more hp)

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@lordgorgon @Misfit if they’re able to, can give you tips on making this build even better.

hell looking at it it’s pretty damn perfect, just needs a few item adjustments

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thats actually what i was planning to start doing,got a few iron boots actually so i will try to get em to mythical,thanks for the suggestion

can you show us your modules too?

Good start. I’d recommend dropping the Backbreaker for Annihilation, first of all. Second, we need to see your modules - Your heat and energy stats are low, but we can’t see why (it could just be un-upgraded stuff). Finally, drop those power bottoms, they don’t go to mythical. Iron Boots will serve you much better, or rolling beasts if you’re lucky enough to have them. As far as the Desert Fury goes… A Night Eagle usually works better, but its not such a big deal since the two nightfalls will do 90% of your work for you.

Additionally, Avenger is honestly a bad torso. It may have good hp, but its other stats are pure crap. Go for Zarkares (best) or Wendigo (still good) and you’ll see a definite increase in effectiveness.


BB might hide the NF I was thinking…

And Desert Furry is light than NE ^^

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i will be posting my modules soon,im actually doing a camp,though where can i find Zarkares? or Wendigo…i´ve been looking for better torsos but cant find any,i actually had 3 nightfalls btw but had to use one of them to upgrade to mythical sadly

yeah kinda lol it ´hides it´ i´ve trolled people before with it

Zark or Wendy can be found anywhere you find epic-to-myth torso ^^

Zarkares and Wendigo both start at epic, so you’ll get them eventually. There’s no one place to find them, its complete random chance… so get gold, buy silver boxes, hope you get lucky. They aren’t terribly rare, it’ll happen eventually.

how do they look like in their epic or legendary appeareance?

Windigo is like a truck without steam pipe on top, and Zark is a mix between epic avenger and epic brutality, with red lines…

YGGM is correct. They’re both heat torsos, it’ll be easiest to just check every heat torso (with a red background, that is) before you fuse it into something.

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Windigo get some steam pipes on top through transform, and I couldn’t describe legend or myth Zark, sorry…

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That’s easy. Myth Zarkares kinda looks like Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper helmet.


by the way here are my modules

will search for it,hopefully i get lucky

try to replace that legacy module with a heat engine,and maybe try to replace hammer with 1 anihilation

which one though?,the one with 21 regen and 21 cooling is very effective and thats one of the reasons i havent swappe dit yet besides not having any other epic modules right now lol