My Login Insn't Working!

This is happening over and over again. HELP!!!

if you use facebook log out and log in…

If not…your wifi is rubish.

I don’t use facebook. I can’t.

Try another bowser?..

I can’t. I play games on a Chromebook. And my friends can get on so i don’t know what the heck is going on.


Try to go at offical site of supermech.

I connected to more than one WiFi today and it still didn’t work. Any explanations?

Try restarting your computer or just wait until your wifi works… I bet it’s something that’ll be fixed with time

I restarted my computer like 5 times and I waited for the WiFi for 5 hours.

Ask @Sarah247 or someone else… It’s got to be on your part but maybe she can help you

It happens to me too.
Either is says session has expired, or that wrong username or password.
It means your net connection is crap, wait or you should change the password.

PS (it will be more economical if you left )

No I have good internet it’s best right now but still not working.