My list of suggestions for now


I got a bunch of useful ideas that I would like to share:

Power Kits out of Boxes
~ Yes, I do know you get that occasional “Bonus” power kits when you open up an item box. Sometimes we get really low ones sometimes we get average ones and sometimes a full power kit. So this is where my idea comes in. The level of power kits you receive is based on what your level is. The higher your level, the higher the power kits you get. For instance, let’s say you’re level 20, so the level of power kits you will get would be levels 15-20.

Nerf the following items
~ God Mode Legs
I understand how they only have 2 usage, but it’s still OP. Considering you do 80 energy damage WITHOUT any energy consumption, it’s ridiculous. As I’ve said, it only has 2 usage but it has 3 walk. Same goes for Magma Barrier and Steel Barricade, which does intense damage. A way to balance them is increase their weight. By atleast 10. 60 kg is just too light considering how it performs on the battlefield.

~ EPS (Electro Piercing Shotgun)

This one, I definitely find too ridiculous. It’s a shotgun, so that means it should be short range. Just look at the stats. 80 energy for the cost of 5. And look how weak the Energy Piercing Shotgun is compared to this item. 43 energy for the cost of 25. So, the way to nerf EPS is to:

  1. Lower its range from 2-3 to 1-2.
  2. Energy usage would increase from 5 to 30.

Seriously, energy mechs doesn’t need regeneration with these items, which is not meant to be.

Opening Multiple Boxes at once

~ We all know how frustrating it is to open boxes one by one. So, there should be a “+” button where you can determine how much boxes you would buy. The amount of boxes you can open using this feature is 20 boxes.

Organize the workshop

~ Currently, the workshop is too hassle. Although it looks cool. The only way to fix this is to actually merge all the extra items. For example, you have 3 Spider Torsos, they should be together. Because right now, everything is scattered which makes finding items hard.

Adjust the daily bonus

~ Ever since that update where every credits you earn are multiplied by 10. Though I’ve noticed that the daily bonus’ reward didn’t change at all. So higher the amount of credits you get from the daily bonus.

Disassemble Mech Button

~ There would be a button that will remove every item in a mech. That would really help us because taking off your mech’s part one by one consumes way too much time.

That’ll be all, be sure to vote and comment your thoughts/opinions! :slight_smile:

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I agree with you on the following points:
~ EPS (Electro Piercing Shotgun
Opening Multiple Boxes at once
Organize the workshop


could you possibly make a separate poll for each suggestion? some of them are agreeable while others are not.


Also include the amount given to the Top 3 Players Rewards. Seriously, if you got first place you’ll only get 100,000 coins and what can you afford with it? Only like 2 mix boxes!


a good question is, who even uses coins to buy boxes? i have over a million but don’t know what to do with it. all my weps and parts, i got from ultra mythical boxes


I buy boxes to get a little upgrade … Sometimes they come out mythicals in the Mix Box


Actually, there is a good reason to spend credits on boxes. Because I just figured out that if you open 150 boxes (Exactly 6 million credits) , you’re gonna get a random myth out of a box.


Please readd battle tokens removing them made the game worse


i agree with all except the nerf ideas
i dont think theyll gonna give us more tokens but i like the idea
now for the items they are nice but not like that change its a big difference and a lot of players would be disapointed, i see you need an electron field
dude i use a yoshimo x without energy modules its not big deal just think better the strategy
i still think that heat should do extra dmg but it would be too op


Could you give an another way to nerf the stated items? Thanks. :slight_smile:


increase their cost not their weight for example the eps/mps instead of using 15 bullets use 20 and 10 energy 10 heat their range its ok
God mode torso should have -30 resistance in all to match perfect like diamond shell opossite and 20 regen 20 cooling but 880 life
legs should have cost of usage magma barrier generates 15 heat, electric mass 15 energy consumption and steel barricade 10 heat 10 energy
i know its not a lot as you want but to keep the balance without making the items underpowered this is the apropiated nerf
also i dont see you complaining by metal shredder that also drains resistance thing that his similar heat and electric dont do