My life is in trouble

Hi I’m currently a freshman at high school with average grades. Sometimes I spend an hour in the class thinking about my future and I get stressed out. If I don’t get a good GPA, I will get into a bad college and my salary will be low. My parents will be disappointed in me too. My dream is to become a concept artist, but I don’t know what to learn or do to become one. Advices please?


im gAy


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First: Leave anime.

Second: Stop watching porn all day.

Thats all.


Don’t worry, Onii-chan is always there for you.


  • You are not your parents! You love him and they love you. But you are you. Therefore you must be yourself. Don’t have to carry the frustrations of other people. Don’t have to be what others want you to be.

  • Separate yourself. Look for a job. At first it will be hard, maybe you will not find a job sitting behind a desk. But the pleasure of collecting your first salary will see how good it is! With your own salary then you can do whatever you want. To be an artist you will also have to study and dedicate hours of effort. But it’s wortht if it’s what you like to do.

And look, from own experience, make or study what others want, it does not work. It does not matter if you go to the best university. Realize your vocation!

Good luck!