My legendary emp!


so i maxed the eipc emp i had… i had around 300,000 coins and then i added some epic items to upgrade it to legendary… then i pressed the transform button, and out of nowhere as the item became legendary it said “connecting” it kicked me out and then as i logged in i saw that my emp was back to maxed epic, and my items were back, BUT MY MONEY CHANGED TO AROUND 29,000!!!
i want my 300,000 back!! plz fix this bug, i only have a picture of the result of this glitch, sadly i didn’t take a picture of the legedary emp or my previous money since i was trying to keep a low status on how my new electric mech was going… here’s the end result:Screenshot (26)

IT HAPPENED AGAIN, what can i do?
This bug is getting extremely annoying

You lost all coins.For Legy?!

Man you are worst than me.
I just lost all my money for myth.


I assume that you collected raid rewards before hand.

If yes , this is why , when u get ur raid coins the glitch out , so its best to refresh the page


actaully i hadn’t which is why i was able to pick up the rewards and make emp a legendary but… I STILL WANT MY 300000 back!!!