My laptop broke

My laptop broke this morning. Keep getting a blue screen that says Crash Physical Dump or whatever.

Guess I’ll just play on my phone. :cry:

Technically it’s not broken. it could be just an error with windows or drivers.

You can google off your phone for instructions on things to try and see what helps. One helpful thing, is to reinstall windows. Which is the easiest for those who don’t want to take apart their laptops and check for faulty connections/failed ram/drives etc.

So I would strongly suggest following guides on how to reinstall windows/reset windows or reset/reinstall drivers.

Or if you’re not up for all this effort, just take it to a shop (although most issues can be fixed with some effort).

I’d help more, but yikes, I have not messed with windows this badly in a while.

So good luck!


I had a bluescreen too , look up on yt how to fix it. Hope this helps.