My Ideas on how to revive SM


What is the Future of SM?
I’ve read this post and got me thinking, Before, The game was booming with lots of players now it’s just dying off into those games that only players with personal reasons play this… And I’ll be one of those since this is a Childhood game of mines and it really hurts me to know that this game’ll die but hopefully, These ideas will revive it…

  • Reduce Portal Energy Costs
  • Increase Drop Rates
  • Easier to obtain legends in Level up boxes
  • Fairer Matchmaking system
  • Events that’ll spice things up (Like the Titans or the God-Mode challenge before Reload)

Though these ideas are obvious and I know that people still want these and I know that they wont add these back but hope they will cause I don’t want one of my Favorite And one of the two only games that I play die


what’s the other one?


we are stuck in our builds.if u try new weapon u will die.only fun i have when i try new builds in chat


They already “balanced” nerfed them in the past, it’s not to revoke their decision… :smile_cat:

At least SHOW Drop Rates, since TS can’t understand the meaning of an affirmative sentence where “Increase” and “Drop Rates” are used together… :smile_cat:

See point 2 ^^^^^^^^^

They would need more ppl first !
But yes, I agree…

We already have Titens, but I’m 534434908.4347093% for it :smiley_cat:


This is not enough… need items rebalance, make another way to obtain good stuff( like a quests or something another) maybe add new mech type?..( after balance of course) change arena system and etc


They are too proud of themselves to revert on their ‘balancing’ of the game. They have the kind of pride that the Titanic captain had. Rather go down with the ship.

They never listen. Never will. Game is now beyond saving I think. It was easy to retain a player base than try and gain a whole new one. The game will die before they can build up a decent player base again …if they changed things for that to even happen.

I’ll just sit back and watch the ship sink. It’s quite a show.


The thing now is, PHYSICAL have too much damage to anyone survive, HEAT abuses of HEATBOMB and ENERGY have the fuking stupid great DRAIN with VALIANT and EMP together… those items that i mentioned made the game a bit more hard to survive.


all these ideas are gonna kill the game

  1. Increase the Arena Numbers
    -PRIORITY ONE, 5-10 minute waits are just not acceptable

  2. Do a Balance Pass on ALL underused Items
    -get some variety back into builds

  3. Reduce Fusion Costs by 20%
    -necessary to experiment with builds (high fusion costs lock you too much into one build and makes game stagnant)

  4. Introduce Custom Paints
    -100 Tokens, make any color you like (nice chance for all players to show off some creativity ad create that dream Mech)

  1. Allow Players to Name Individual Mechs
    -increase Glory in the Arena as certain Mechs rise to fame


For sure, some great ideas there. But nooooooooo …period pads are so much better!