My ideas of addings

Here’s few ideas I got:

1)Vampires weapons
By this, I mean that firing that weapons also restore very lightly your HP…(but basis damage to opponent or res. drain should be low to keep balance ^^) (and electric version could restore few energy, and explosive one reduces heat a bit…)

2)Converter drones
In exchange of a fixed amount of energy, the explosive drone can decrease the heat you have
By generating heat, the electric version can give you few energy
(The amount of the “Regen/Cooling boost” increase with the lvl and rarity of the drone)

3)Protector drones (yup, drones again ^^)
That’s simple, instead of dealing damage/heat/energy drain to opponent or healing you, it would give you resistance point(s)…(the opposite of Greed or Void in other words…)
(to push the thinking to the extreme, you can do this with MaxEn, Regen, MaxHeat and Cooling too…)

4)MaxHP damage
Well…it talked by itself I think…(but I’m not sure atm if it’s a good idea or not, so I just tell it in disorder with the rest…)

5)HP weapons’ cost
If you’re over a number or a percentage of HP, you can use the weapon
If you’re under, you can’t
That’s all (it would be a bad idea to make it works like energy ^^)

Another item nerfer…
When you use the powerful, or not item, the countdown is set to 1 for exemple…at the end of the next turn, it will decrease by 1, and when the countdown is equal to 0, you can re-use it (for drone, it will decrease even in case of Shutdown or Energy Break…but increase only after the shot…)

7)Maybe I was thinking too far…
Since some physical items have one of the couples MaxEnDamage-MaxHeatDamage or RegenDamage-CoolingDamage, why not physical weapons who have medium-low HP direct damage, but both energy drain and heat generation on the opponent ?

Last thing: can you vote on your favorite idea I talked about ?
(If you need explanation on something I saied, just ask calmly in comments, and I’ll try to answer you ASAP ^^)

  • Vampire items
  • Converter drones
  • Stats increaser drones
  • MaxHP damage
  • HP weapons’ cost
  • Countdown
  • Energy drainer and Heat generator weapons
  • All of them are useless/bad/other word with same meaning…

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