My ideas for SM Halloween

Hi! So, here are my ideas:

  • A special Halloween color kit
  • A special campaign mission for Halloween
  • A special giveaway (premium packs, Halloween color kit etc.)
  • Pumpkin torso

Well, is all I got. Vote!

  • Perfect idea!
  • Doesn’t seem to be so good…
  • I got an idea also your idea are good
  • I got an idea also your ideas don’t seem to be so good…

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Also, choose!

  • Pumpkin head!
  • Halloween color kit!
  • Both!

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P.S Halloween color kit cannot be placed on torso if you are using Pumpkin torso.

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Cosmetic bat wings would be kind of neat.


Giveaways are the worst, if you delete that point, I’ll vote “perfect idea”

Why are they the worst? :confused:

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What do you prefer, that a random person that maybe is a casual player i may wont appreciate it or every player gets premium packs and stuff?

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Well, if only 1 guy would get it, he would get a lot, and if all players get rewards it will be smaller. I guess is better that all players get something, just as in old SM when all players get 2 free gold boxes.


2 free boxes is a nice reward


Yup, just as in old SM.


What??? :confused: :confused:

Halloween background in battle + 30% off sale + halloween secret mission + two free premium boxes + helloween pumpkin visual perk + black color kit obtainable for one day.


Like the idea, but what is Halloween virtual perk?

Visual perk

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oh, i understand :slight_smile:

And special Halloween color kit?

Black color kit allow for one day

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I guess there should be a black color kit for ALWAYS. But yea Halloween color kit would be a black one with orange pumpkins on it.

P. S. check my topic Second campaign

Looks like old rasberry is back

Stolen ideas from MAX
Modified for better outcome by GameSmasher

50% OFF Sale +
Halloween secret mission +
Six free premium boxes +
Halloween Punkin Head visual perk +
Legendary Level 40 GOLD color kit.
after all Black is obtainable through hard work of going Level 50 Mythical


50% sale off + 50% chances of getting legendary. :grin:

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