My idea, tag friends

What if when going to fight in the arena, we can tag friends who are in the clan to help when fighting … just once played
sorry, that’s the picture I got from another game “MGG”

and friends who already help fight in the arena , there is a lag time 24h to be able to help us again …


That should be added…I think it used to be in the game

(please tell me if I’m wrong)

I was talking about friending people in game…


So basically using other people’s mechs?
Sounds great but kinda unrealistic regarding the current state of the game…


well , thanks you already agree with me

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hehehe … sorry, i’m just giving suggestion …

I will screenshot the image

only once attack , not us who borrow or wear friends mechs

and after friends help us we can not contact friends to help us again unless we pay token, we can contact friends to help … more or less the same as me circle

sorry , it’s a MutantGeneticGladiator game

I play that game lol


I’d rather it be a 2v2 2v2

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what is the name of your mutant account?

Dude,you gave an idea,there’s no need to explain yourself.
I mean I like the idea,I would actually do it but I doubt they would implement it considering the game’s current state…


Well, I understand.
you are welcome

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I play back then,I forgot my name(my acc. is not linked to facebook)

ohh… okay,
it is okay