My Hypothesis on What's Going on

SMR Beta was great, amirite? (I didn’t sign up, so idk)

But then, something went wrong. (of course)

This is my guess on what happened.
Two theories:

  1. The beta didn’t show the negative side (aka module level locks, imbalances, etc.)
  2. The developers decided to throw in a freaking change of plans right before it went live

#1 pretty much explains itself (I don’t know if this is true, since I wasn’t a beta tester)

Following #2: Therefore, a lot of bugs popped up. Once they realized they screwed up, they rushed to make changes. The sudden rush may have resulted in recklessness, creating more bugs. Add the fact that SM suddenly topped Clash Royale on the Google Play/Android or whatever, added to the chaos.

And so it’s all gone downhill from there.

Just my theory, pls don’t hate. Have a cookie instead :cookie:


when i played the beta ( i’m not 99% sure lol)
there wasn’t any module locks and (high) inbalance. It was actually quite fun to test the new items. Sadly i didn’t played the final phase for too long ._.
but it was more balanced then now. Btw here some things that existed in the beta:
-Fusing costs
-inventory limit
-low epic drop from chests
-low legendary drop fron premium chests
sorry for my bad english -.-


Don’t forget though that we said that the fusion costs were too much in the beta, the developers nerfed them, and BOOM, they f**king buffed them back to the sky and forth after the beta!!

What’s going on isn’t hard to figure out. Tacticsoft wants to make money. People are paying for tokens. They are like an auto insurance company. The more you pay them, the less you get in return. Kind of like a casino. That’s what it’s like when you purchase Special Boxes. The Special Items Box is the slot machine. And the tokens are needed to play the slot machine. If you hit the jackpot everytime you spent a token, yes… You may get everything you need eventually. You may even keep playing the slots just for the hell of it…BUT WOULD YOU KEEP BUYING TOKENS? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. If your mech has all top tier overpowering items why would you need to keep spending money? Tacticsoft has grasped this concept and implemented into this new economy. Of course little kids and teenagers wouldn’t understand because they just want to play. But seriously guys. Think about it. Why would the matchmaking be fair? Or the overpowering weapons be nerfed or buffed? People come in these forums on a daily basis and gripe and complain and sometimes you may get the devs to budge a LITTLE. But as soon as they see that they could lose money by changing any aspect of the game, whatever they change to suit the complaining if you notice they change it up again to suit the company. One prime example is The Big Boy missions don’t offer 2 epics in the mixed boxes anymore. Why do you think the devs put a stop to that? Because they want you to pay for the epics. That’s why the chance of getting an epic has been reduced. That is why they make you spend 75 tokens per one item now. Because it will increase the probability of you NOT GETTING ANY LEGENDARY ITEMS. So you basically run the risk of flushing your money down the drain now. But Hey… That’s the life of the casino and gambling.


That’s why the matchmaking will continue to stay exactly like it is. WHY? Because if you keep facing mech with 2500 Hit points and insta-death weapons you will get tired of losing. Therefore pulling out that credit card and running to the slot machines to gamble for an item that gives you a fighting chance… EXCEPT…that item you hope to get is a legendary top weapon, side weapon, or drone that packs major damage and possibly can be turned into a mythical. The one problem is that the chance of you getting those a nearly slim to none. Why? Because the devs want you to keep going to the slot machines…