My Future Mech: Give suggestions

Here I compiled the stats of what I want my final mech to be:

Torso: Windigo

Legs:Scorching Feet

Side weapons: 2 crimson raptures, 1 heron mark and 1 terror blade

Modules: 4 energy engines, 3 heat engines, 1 platinum plating

Drone: Clash

Special items: Grappling Hook, Charge Engine, Teleporter

Weight: 992

Heat: 568




It would be great if you gave some suggestions on what to improve and what is good about it.
Also, please rate the overall effectiveness of the mech

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Probably either trade some of your energy/heat for cooling/regen or trade some of energy/heat for more health.

Keep in mind im a heat mech, so I wouldnt really want to sacrifice too much energy/heat stats

Well, your cooling/regen has to be atleast half your heat/energy.

well, my cooling is and my regen is very close

let me do some math real quick, imma experient

I could make two regen boosters and two engines, but then my max energy goes down to under 400

I think you need some more hp

How would i get more exactly? Specific suggestions would help, as currently I dont have the wieght allowance to fit that in the layout

Trading 1 energy engine for 1 plat plate maybe

Id be over weight then…hmmm

How much weight you use with the basic one?

It says in the post.

Ok i didn’t noticed it

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Thats okay, thanks for helping out


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it sounds pretty much like old SM meta
i would choose another drone
clash its more dmg oriented, but if u want the res drain then try to get swoop deals more heat but need some energy
it can work pretty good, but on specific situations like against bomi+supreme cannon would be harder to use same against BS+last words builds
if u can get all these stuff then sure it could work
just remind be carefull on ur own heat when using double crimsom rapture against other heater specially against double CL builds, after some turns u could be on trouble by the outrange

its hp sounds more like an energy mech btw, but its ok if u play carefully
is these with iron or plat plate?

So you are simply a range 2 boiler. There is one easy counter to your design. Stomp and last words. Any energy mech will rip your ass pretty easy…

actualy he can rape you pretty bad, 2 grimsome rapetures,by round 3 you are boiled like an egg.
@Yeet, do you actualy have 2 grimsome rapetures?heron mark and terror blade?
Also go for nemo, since it hits heat cap by -12, and works wonders with all the heat cap dmg from terror(-36), and grimsome(-48), you can down the heat cap really fast(48+48+12=108/round).

you need more hp…iron plating would help(change 1 heat engine for this)
you dont need that terror blade…

suggestion for weapons:(energy free)
2 magma blasts,reckoning,desolation

also maybe you can change windigo for brutality…more hp but less weight(341)