My frist legy...on my 4th acc (you probably don't care lol)


Sketch (19)
Tansform Range:Legy and Myth
Eneregy Dmg:49(legy)
Resist drain:3(legy)
Enerygy Cost:30
Heat cost:10

That’s all this information about this…non good stuff.
Im not gonna use it later.


Delerium? Lmao


The item is not usefull.


Just take a Hysteria and you’re all set.


I dont have it.
Remember what i said.
(i have a 4th acc)


Oh my Gosh,you have no clue just how bad I feel for you mate…
Okay,in that case you could make a pusher and use Delerium,maybe along with an Ultrabright and Face Shocker for a Damage Electrician.
When you get the items…


I have’d all of these item’s at my sec acc…Well crap.
Thanks for tryin.


GG. You obviously know about Delerium’s value… but hey, at least it’s legendary, right?


Delirium is technically an artilerry last worda.

Dont hate on it , @jake666666 from reign ref. has an insane energy damager with delerium .

That mf packs quite the punch