My friend got a desert fury, I think

So I said earlier that I gave my friend my account…

Apparently he got a desert furry. Guess what he did with it?

I guess great minds think alike :joy: :joy: :joy:


Why did you give your friend your account

Used it as transform material?
Guessed it…
Of course he’d to that…Why would you use it for anything else?

Why would you fuse a L-M item?WHY?
I only do that with the Orbs, the Disolver, the Pusher, bigdaddy, delerium,iron frenzy, bloodwep…
I kept the desert fury, because it is light weight… and i never use it, and it looks cool on the other mechs i don’t use…

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Sure,it looks amazing.
Yeah,it is indeed very light and could easily fit on any build.
However,it has no real use for me…It’s energy-dependent,does pretty basic true damage (but that’s understandable due to its light weight) and is for longer range…
Maybe on other builds it’s a life saver,but on mine it doesn’t serve that much purpose…

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for me it has only the pretty looking factor…never used it.
It can always be replaced by spartan , and if the fight goest to 6+ range, it’s hook/charge/teleport time, followed by bam bam bam song of anihilations.


He used it as fuse material :grinning:

ill never use leg-myths as fuse material,except if I have more than one of it(which I think will never happen)

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However, combination of desert fury + spartan, can be lethal. Desert fury low 23 resistance!

Since this weapon exists to lower resistance, it should not consume energy at all.

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Why not?

I don’t play anymore.

well…if you don’t play that’s reasonable

i feel you @El_Metre

I did. I fused away sorrow. Wish I didn’t. Hope you guys feel my sorrow