My fool proof plan


ok my plan is simple stockpile up on legendary item and coins and tokens
each week i have like 3 legendary item by upgrading and 2000000 coins and over 100 tokens each week and in 3 month i will have enough sh!t to upgrade all my module weapons torsos and legs to mythical tier
so what you think

  • bad plan
  • um 50/50
  • good plan
  • no no no no no don’t do it

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i will be posting the plan progess here every so stay tuned people


Basically hoard legendaries, gold and tokens.
Get 3 legendaries through upgrading, 2,000,000 coins and over 100 tokens each week.

In 3 months, he can upgrade all the modules, legs and torsos to mythical tier.


Decent plan… but inventory limit might become an issue. I just make a legendary every time I have 5 spare epics, and a myth every time I have 5 spare legendaries. When neither situation applies I max stuff.


no if u upgrade ur items day by day it will better in my opinion


your right but my inventory is empty right now only have like 17 epic on it the rest are on my all my 6 mechs and hey you can save up space by building noob mechs


Building mechs doesn’t save space, from what I understand. And I have all the epics I consider good stashed away for potential use, so I never have more than 15 free slots.


now that’s gonna be way slower man then it would be 5 months in stead of 3 months


no believe me it will take same time but if u upgrade it day by day u will get stronger and stronger so
1-better rewards
2- u feel like u r doin something not just play (u will get soooo bored)


it may even take less time


yeah try that all ready and it took me 5 months to get to rank 7 and i have 5 mythicals and over 20 legendary


5 months playing every day ?


yeah man yeah


bruh my acc i got it from rank 25 to rank 12 in 3 weeks
now i’m rank 4 ( it takes months to get a better rank xDD)


i don’t use energy mechs and i keep running into energy mechs and then i’m a sitting duck in those fights


i was using heat (the most weak type in the game)


just if u play it correct with some advices
u will get from rank 25 to rank 5-4 in those 3 months


dude heat is not the most weak type in the game man to be fair let just
heat beat enegy
energy beat physical
physiical beat heat if it’s heat mech proof


physical beat heat and energy *
energy beat heat sometimes


only if it’s has heat proof and or energy proof protection


hmmm any phys (not tank) need ((((at least)))) 500 energy - 550 heat 220 cooling
sooo yeah